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There are no real secrets to increase your vertical jump.Good jump training is based on good science, and good science is never “secret.” So while there is a constant battle online among jump training gurus to differentiate themselves with the latest greatest “secret” leap improvement exercise, common sense tells you otherwise.

Likewise, there is no single vertical jump training program that is perfect for everyone. The reason is simple — we all have different physiologies! Height, bone length, varying mixtures of fast and slow twitch fibers — these all add up to mean that somewhat different routines (based in science) will be needed to optimize vertical jump for each athlete.

One jump training transition that has taken place is a recent increase in single leg exercises as a part of an overall balanced training program. By isolating one leg, and requiring it to move our whole body, we find we can overload and develop without placing huge weights on our spine.

One example of this kind of single-leg exercise is a Box Blast, shown here:

This is an effective body weight exercise that can contribute to an increased vertical jump. Like any exercise, it may be more or less beneficial based on YOUR particular physiology and body structure.

So  use common sense the next time you hear about an amazing new “secret” exercise; it MAY be a great one, but it takes an entire balanced program with a solid foundation to create sustainable increases in vertical jumping ability.

Specific exercises to increase YOUR vertical jump, more advanced than the last set. So this is Volume II.

- The part of your body where you MUST have increased flexibility

- A common problem area when jump training

- One of your most important vertical leap training tools

Here is a well-known jump trainer who consistently puts out great stuff. If you want to instantly jump higher and are looking to increase your vertical jump then look no further than Jack Cascio’s work.

- How many sets

- How much recovery time

- Correct rhythm for jump training exercisies


The Jump Manual is an “all in one” vertical jump training software solution that puts you on the road to jumping higher.

- Why people fail to increase their vertical despite working hard?

- Problems with many jump training programs

- What are you REALLY training?

Free tips that can add up to 5+ inches to your vertical jump instantly. How to instantly add 5+ inches to your vertical jump!

- Is there value in a stutter step approach?

- One foot jump fixes

- Critical vertical jump technique errors

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